Return to the Globo Gym

Friday was all about the orange. Saturday was bathed in green…and purple.


YouFit Health Clubs, is what CrossFitters call a “globo gym” – it’s basically a derogatory term for a large health club. I’ve never been to a Planet Fitness, but I think YouFit is basically modeled after them – large gym, LOTS of weight and cardio machines, some dumbbells, EZ curl bars, benches with barbells, and one LONELY squat rack. They also have the Planet Fitness pricing model which may explain the absence of trainers on the floor. Ahem.

According to one of their signs green is their color. Yep.

According to one of their signs green is their color. Yep.

There are lots of “you” signs at YouFit, like “YouTrain” and “YouStretch”. It’s like the signs were designed by a caveman – or my toddler (same difference) but he would have added “YouSit”.

I prefer the camaraderie of classes or a small studio or partner workouts with the Body Yenta at the Basement Gym (aka – my basement), but YouFit was clean and functional and I managed to monopolize the lonely squat rack for 30 minutes.

For Saturday’s workout I did barbell deadlifts, barbell front squats and supersets of negative pull ups and diamond push-ups. I wanted to add in barbell hip thrust, but I was too self-conscious to, um, “hump” a barbell with a crowd around. I also attempted medicine ball slams but after catching the ball with my nose I decided to call it a day. [Note to self: don’t do med ball slams with a bouncy med ball on a rubber gym floor]

My reward was a day at the beach with The Husband and The Tot.

Testing out the Ft. Lauderdale sand

Testing out the Ft. Lauderdale sand

I’m back home now for Part Deux of the Staycation. I’ll update you next week on the rest of my workouts. In the meantime, enjoy the end of summer!

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