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Kickstart your Health and Fitness in 21 days

Need to Kickstart your health and fitness? Want a gym community that's friendly and welcoming, NOT intimidating? Want to get personal training in a group setting?

Burn Fat, Get Strong, & Kickstart Your Fitness in Only 21 Days!

Give us just 21 days and we'll help you burn fat, get strong, and feel fabulous. You can lose up to 5 to 10 pounds of fat and put yourself on the right track to a leaner, lighter, and stronger you -- safely and naturally!

We've helped our clients do it before, and now it's your turn.

Details About the 21-Day Kickstart Program

At Performance Fitness, we pride ourselves on getting our clients results safely and effectively.

Our trainers are focused on you and your goals; no impersonal, distracted trainers here. Our classes are small, so we're able to give our clients all of our attention and help them tailor the workouts to their needs and fitness level. Group Training Workouts at Performance Fitness are the closest thing you can get to a personal training session, but with the all the benefits of a group setting.

The training is designed to help you burn the maximum amount of fat in the minimum amount of time. We base our training on Interval Training and Strength Training (building muscle boosts your metabolism). We also add in cardio, but not the long, boring kind. Working out this way means you'll continue to burn fat for HOURS after your workout is over.

AND you can get results working out just 3 days a week!


What your Program Includes

  • Unlimited Group Training Boot Camp Classes ($150 value) 
  • 21-Day Fitness Guide Including Nutrition Clean-Up Program with food list, snack list, grocery list, and meal building template ($45 value)
  • Do-it-yourself workouts to supplement your group training ($90 value)
  • On-Boarding Session - includes measurements, fitness assessment and movement fundamentals to make sure you're moving safely at each workout ($75 value)
  • Weekly Face-to-Face Check-in ($45 value)
  • Unlimited Online Coaching with Your 21-Day Fitness Coach (priceless!)

Normally a program like this would cost between $400 and $460, but because I want to help as many people as possible achieve their goals, I'm offering it for only $97.00.

We want to help you finally achieve your goals. Isn't taking 21 days to lose up to 5-8 pounds of fat a great way to get started?

Apply today by filling out the form above. Because of the attention the participants of this program are given, we only have room for 10 people. Our next group starts on Monday, so scroll up to the form above to apply now. 


Here's what past clients have said about our programs:

"Thanks for helping me lose the 2 dress sizes I have lost (so far!)." (After completing the Fit and Lean Challenge) -Lisa D.

"Get this...my daughter and I are now wearing the same size. In fact, she gave me a pair of her pants that are too small for her in the legs. They fit me!  She is quite skinny, by the way. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Guissou D.

"After the first 2 weeks [of the challenge] I felt stronger and became more thoughtful about what I was eating and when. I could finally see my abs and had arm definition. I've gotten complements on my new body and I even got a pair of short shorts in a SMALLER size!" - Jenn S.

"Last night, I went bathing suit shopping and ENJOYED it!  As I looked at my 35-year old, toned, fit, string-bikini clad body in the mirror, all I could think was 'Thanks Michelle!' " -Tara S.

"This is the first program I’ve stuck to for more than 2 weeks!" - Rebecca P. (3 months into her Performance Fitness program)

"I’ve never felt stronger in my life!" Chris D. (long-time runner, college athlete, 6 weeks into her Performance Fitness program)

"This is a real ass-kicker, but a good kind of ass kicking. I love it because every class is different. I don’t get a workout nearly as good as this at the gym." - Liz B.


In 21 days you could be lighter, stronger, and fitter or you could still be struggling with your weight and fitness. Our combination of strength-based and interval training workouts (these are the types of exercise that burn maximum fat), nutrition guidance, meal planning, and coaching and accountability from our team of certified trainers will help you get your best body. Just fill out the form above and continue to the next page to apply.

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