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Trainers Helen, Michelle, and Brett - Turkey Buster Workout 2015

We are parents, athletes, coaches, spouses, artists, weight loss success stories and fitness enthusiasts.

Performance Fitness owner Michelle Collier began her business out of an authentic desire to help people, especially the ones who hate working out, reach their fitness goals without having guess about their workouts or waste their time and money on flash-in-the-pan fitness fads.

The typical gym setting was a turn off to Michelle, a non-athlete who was picked last for gym on the first day of high school, so she created Performance Fitness as a community for people like here - adults who what to be fit and strong. Adults who want to unleash their fitness warrior.

What you’ll find at Performance Fitness is a warm, welcoming community and a staff who truly care, listen, and respond, and who deliver sustainable, measurable results.

All this, and you’ll have loads of fun getting fitter than you’ve ever dreamed possible. No two workouts are ever the same, yet the workouts are planned and thought out so you'll get progressively (and safely) fitter and stronger. Plus you’ll experience a variety of trainers who bring their own unique, signature styles to every class and session. And you might even get to join in on an impromptu dance party between exercise sets.

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