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We care! And we're committed to helping you become strong, fit, and confident!

Trainers Helen, Michelle, and Brett - Turkey Buster Workout 2015

Like you, I’m busy. I don’t always feel motivated to workout, and I often don’t prioritize my needs.

I’m also shy, and the idea of walking into a group of strangers who all know each other, know what they’re doing, and don’t talk to the new person can be terrifying.  

Because I know that not feeling part of a community can discourage you from showing up and achieving your goals, I've made sure Performance Fitness isn’t terrifying or elite or unfriendly.

We’re happy to see you. We don't size you up. We know everyone's name. People who come to our gym don’t just become workout buddies; they form true and lasting friendships.

When you train with us you’ll get a workout that’s aligned with YOUR goals (because it’s all about you, right?) and that takes into consideration your exercise and injury history.

What you’ll find at Performance Fitness is a warm, welcoming community and a staff who truly care, listen, and respond, and who deliver sustainable and measurable results.

No two workouts are ever the same, yet the workouts are planned and thought out so you'll get progressively (and safely) fitter and stronger.

The best part? You'll have fun because my team and I are pretty entertaining. We also encourage impromptu dance breaks between exercise sets.

Working out is serious business, but we don’t have to take ourselves seriously. 

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