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Strength training? Standing around? Here’s why.

You’re in the middle of a strength workout. You’ve completed your exercises and now you’re waiting to record your number of pull-ups. Or we’re deadlifting and you’re waiting your turn on the barbell. Either way, you are standing there, not exercising. You’re a little worried that you’re not sweating, panting or burning calories. You might…

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So You’re Ready to Track Your Calories. Now What?

A Guide to Documenting Your Food and Drink How many calories should you be eating in order to achieve your desired physique? It all depends on you, specifically, your goals, gender, age, weight, height and activity level. These are all bits of information you will plug into any number of online calorie calculators to find…

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Moderation = Bull

Elise Miller of Performance Fitness LLC dishes up some TOUGH LOVE, and it’s exactly what we (all) need to hear. Listen up! Give it up—“Everything in Moderation” is NOT an Effective Weight Loss Method Are you trying to reach your fat loss goal by the maxim, “Everything in moderation?” If so, I’ll bet you a…

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