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Pros and Cons of Calorie Counting

Topics that create instant controversy: Religion, Politics, Calorie Counting. In the world of Weight Loss, there are those that swear by Calorie Counting and those that think it is of the devil. At Performance Fitness, we believe it is only a part of the picture, but perhaps the most crucial part. I’ve written about it…

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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS is often heralded as a sign of a “good” workout by many avid exercisers. “I know I’m gonna feel this tomorrow” or “My (fill in your muscle group of choice) hurt for 3 days after that last workout!” DOMS is an addictive state. A badge of honor sought by…

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Walmart vs. Whole Foods?

Interesting article on Walmart’s foray into the organic/buy local marketplace. Is the same retailer that’s been accused of pushing out the little guy (farmers and small businesses alike) motivated by a desire to support those same little guys while supplying us with affordable healthy produce¬† or the desire for profit? You be the judge. Side…

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Losing it

The heat is on. Only 9 days until Christmas. Your calendar is filled with appointments – holiday parties, end of the year meetings, shopping dates. Surely, there’s no way to fit in a workout during all this madness. Why not just wait until the new year. What are the results if you stop training all…

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Can’t do pull ups? Maybe it’s the beer.

Read this article on the effects of alcohol on fitness and performance. You may want to give it some thought before you have your next sip of holiday punch. The 30 Day Challenge It’s day three of the challenge and already my life is starting to interfere. Schedule changes meant that I had to adjust…

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