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End of Winter Clean Up 2011

Karen Vento’s Clean Up Story

Karen was our Your Best Body Challenge winner for Fitness Transformation last year. She won the honor by improving her fitness level by 72%. She also lost 10 pounds to boot. This year she distinguished herself by winning 1st Place for Lifestyle Transformation in our End of Winter Clean Up. As the result of her…

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FP’s Clean Up story

FP is a dedicated weekday boot camper and dragon boater who took 2nd Place for Body Transformation in the 2011 End of Winter Clean Up. During the four week challenge she lost 4 pounds and a total of 7-1/4 inches! FP committed to the Clean Up and it shows. Just look at those abs! Here’s…

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2011 Clean Up Winners

For 4 weeks in February and March, 26 Performance Fitness clients, boot campers and “friends” participated in the End of Winter Clean Up. A nutrition challenge in which they ate real food (in other words minimally processed food) and eschewed sugar, artificial sweetener, alcohol and refined carbohydrates, like white bread. There were tears (I’m not…

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It’s so gratifying when I see my clients get results. It’s validation – living proof that this stuff (exercise, clean eating) works as long as you’re willing to commit to it and persevere through the “pain”. It’s also a big middle finger to all the haters – those people who think that real people can’t …

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Clean eating works!

We’re almost at the end of week 2 of the End of Winter Clean Up. Check out the success our members have had so far: Marisa G. is feeling great on the Clean Up program. She lost 4 pounds during the first 4 days! Granted much of this is water weight but it goes to…

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