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I don’t care how many calories you burned

You may think I sound like a jerk, but how many calories you burned during a workout really doesn’t interest me at all. And here’s why: If you want to create a strong, healthy body or even leaner body you will never get there by trying to burn calories with exercise. Here are a few…

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4 reasons you’ve quit on your resolutions

A month or so ago, I talked about why I’m not setting goals in 2019. Instead I decided to work on a new habit every two weeks. I’m not anti-goal setting, I just wasn’t in the frame of mind to set goals this year. Maybe you did set goals or resolutions or intentions this year.…

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Keeping it Simple 101

There really aren’t that many “rules” when it comes to fat loss, building muscle, and living a fit and happy lifestyle. It’s basic math and common sense. You don’t need to go low-carb, gluten-free, eat two cups of kale and acai berries every day or increase your heart rate to its max rate during every…

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Cut it out

OK, raise your hand if this describes you: you truly want to lose weight you’re sick of yourself complaining that you’re not losing weight you’re doing all the things – workouts, meal tracking, a little bit of self-pitying when you are honest with yourself, you admit you’re kind of phoning in your workouts and spending…

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Your slow progress is a good thing

You’ve hit a plateau. You’re not losing weight or seeing that six pack as quickly as you thought you would. What are you doing wrong? Well, maybe nothing. Your slow progress is a GOOD thing…for these five, important reasons that Performance Fitness LLC trainer, Elise Miller, shares with you here. Top five reasons your slow…

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Protein bars and shakes – the low-down

  Making sure you eat enough protein can be tough, but did you ever wonder what makes one protein bar or shake a better choice over another? Performance Fitness LLC trainer, Elise Miller, lays out some guidelines to help you. If you’ve been following along here on the blog or caught the buzz about protein…

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So You’re Ready to Track Your Calories. Now What?

A Guide to Documenting Your Food and Drink How many calories should you be eating in order to achieve your desired physique? It all depends on you, specifically, your goals, gender, age, weight, height and activity level. These are all bits of information you will plug into any number of online calorie calculators to find…

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Why Havertown Fitness Goals Get Met at Performance Fitness

havertown fitness

If you’re a Havertown fitness fan looking for a gym where you can set and reach new goals to improve your health, come check out Performance Fitness! Our gym was founded out of an authentic desire to help people work toward their best bodies, because we believe that a better body means a better life.…

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Motivation vs. Dedication

Elise Miller of Performance Fitness LLC has a confession to make…sometimes she hates training, too! Keeping reading for her insight into this lack of motivation that plagues us all. I started working with a personal trainer about five weeks ago. I’m following a program someone else designed for me for the first time ever. Being…

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