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Summer Readiness Tips

It’s April but you know you’re thinking about summer. Want to rock a smokin’ beach body this summer? You have to work for it. Here are TEN things you can do to create your best summer body: 1. Move heavy stuff. Whether it’s a dumbbell, a kettlebell or a medicine ball, heavier is better. For…

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Get Your Form in Shape!

I’ve seen you – giving me those looks. Averting your gaze or rolling your eyes when I walk over to you during boot camp. Your (dirty) look says “Here she comes again, the Form Nag. Jeez, why can’t she leave me alone and just let me do my workout?” Well, here’s what I say—over and…

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Keepin’ It Real, Yo! Or What is Real Food Anyway?

People are talking about real food a lot these days, as in, “I only eat real food.” This can be confusing. What the hell does “real food” even mean? A chair isn’t food. You’d never eat one, would you? But a donut—that’s food, isn’t it? And if it’s food it must be real, right? They…

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Just desserts

Is dessert your weakness? Do your knees buckle at the sight of a hot apple pie, pumpkin custard, or chocolate souffle with homemade whipped cream? How about cookies—all shapes and colors. Or Italian and French pastries—cannolis, eclairs, Napoleans. What the heck are you gonna do when faced with a table filled with desserts? You’re going…

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Beating the Buffet

It’s you against the beautifully laid table, piled with plates of holiday delights—perhaps your table includes things like glazed ham, Caesar salad with jumbo croutons, roast beef, rolls and butter, mashed potatoes, and maybe mama’s homemade mac and cheese. Drooling yet? Panicking? You work so hard at boot camp or kettlebells, or during your personal…

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Navigating the Apps

I’m not talking smart phone apps. I’m talking appetizers. Food that whets the appetite, designed to get you eating. Hors d’ouvres. Crispy bruschetta topped with spoonfuls of tapenade or roasted peppers. Hungry yet? How are you going to retain your shape this holiday season when fattening temptations lurk around every bedecked corner? Here are five…

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Drinkin’ your way through the holidays

Drinking and Partying!

I despise most holiday healthy eating blog post and articles. They’re usually filled with strategies that I just don’t find helpful, or more like it, realistic. “Don’t stand next to the food table”, “Nibble on the crudité”, “Eat before you go” (admittedly this one can be used successfully). Blah blah blah. The only problem is…

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Five Reasons Your Scale Sucks

broken scale

We all know someone who gauges their fitness progress by the scale and the scale alone. Do you? If so, know this: there are far more important aspects of your health and fitness program than your weight. That little wafer of plastic and metal may even be hurting you and sabotaging your efforts to get…

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Measuring Up. Shaping Up.

I realize that I’d been slacking on my job as holder of accountability. Some clients have just skating been along – measurements hadn’t been done in months, the last food journal had been submitted in late spring. People have just been doing – whatever. Because of this realization, all of our personal training clients were…

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Welcome to the Performance Fitness Team, Mike K.!

I’m pleased to welcome Mike Klevence to the Performance Fitness team as one of our boot camp instructors and personal trainers. Here’s a little about Mike in his own words: “I have been a personal trainer for 13 years.  The saying goes ‘do what you love’ and I love exercise, working out and the positive…

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