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For some, a better body means a leaner body. For others it means getting stronger and more muscular. Sometimes a better body simply means conducting the business of daily life free from nagging pain and constant fatigue.

The fact is, a stronger you is a more capable, independent, confident you. Building strength and muscle means having a higher metabolism which means you'll burn fat faster. And losing unwanted weight frees you up to move through life with efficiency and speed.

And if you’re busy, especially if you're a women, you've probably struggled with taking charge of your own fitness. You're time crunched. You're not sure what kinds of workouts you should be doing, let alone if you even have the time to do a workout. Having a coach to guide you through the process means less wasted time, faster results, and lessens your chance of getting injured while working out.

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Performance Fitness Changes Lives

Gale W. – Havertown, PA

SUCCESS STORY UPDATE: Gale has been a client of PFit for many years (see her previous Success Story), through times of personal stress and joy, good health and bad (sounds like a marriage!) Gale has been consistent in her workouts…and that has been a key to her fabulous outlook and commitment to living well. Recently,…

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Joe S. – Wynnewood, PA

SUCCESS STORY UPDATE: Joe S. is a long-time PFit client (you can check out his previous success story from a few years ago here) who needed to re-commit to his fitness and get his mojo back. He found the inspiration and know-how at Performance Fitness and got the support he needed from our awesome community…

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Kerry W.

Although Kerry had started exercising consistently, which was a huge goal for her, she says “things were kind of slow to change and I needed a little more motivation to not get discouraged.” So, Kerry took the Performance Fitness Clean Up Challenge. She says, “on my scale, I lost 5 pounds during the 30 days. …

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Guissou D – Wynnewood, PA

Guissou Dabiri started with Performance Fitness in May 2014. By August she was ready to tackle nutrition. In September she went all in by challenging herself more at her training sessions and really focusing on her nutrition habits. Guissou described her experience this way: “Thank you for all you do. You run a great program…

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Allison M.

After setting up a consistent workout routine, Allison says it was “painfully obvious” what her next step had to be: nutrition. The Performance Fitness Clean Up Challenge was just the ticket. Just two weeks into the Clean Up Challenge, Allison started feeling and seeing results. The nutrition regimen was challenging (and her morale was waning),…

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Dave Littell – Ardmore, PA

Pounds lost: 13 Inches Lost: 6.5 Percentage of Body Fat lost: 12% Total Pounds of FAT lost: 11! Not only did Dave lose a total of 13 pounds, but he reports that he’s more agile on the tennis court (hasn’t lost a set in two weeks) and has given up his Diet Coke habit.

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Chris Dorian, Merion, PA

2014 Fall Clean Up Nutrition Program Better Body, Better Life Winner, Chris Dorian! Chris has been a Performance Fitness boot camper for over three years. She’s always impressed me with her commitment to working out and her level of fitness, but during the latter part of 2014 she has shown significant gains in strength and…

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Eileen M., Havertown, PA

2014 Fall Clean Up Nutrition Program 1st Place Winner for Body Composition, Eileen M.! Pounds lost: 12.5 Inches Lost: 9.5 Percentage of Body Fat lost: 11% Total Pounds of FAT lost: 6! Here’s what Eileen had to say about her experience: “My challenge really began in August when I started attending boot camp…I had been…

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Miriam Kedebe, Merion, PA

“I’ve lost a total of 22 pounds from the end of April to the beginning of September. I’ve also increased my flexibility. The weight loss makes me feel great but a bigger bonus is the stress reduction from working out. I never thought that working out could reduce stress but it does! People are afraid…

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Roberta M., Havertown, PA

“8 weeks ago I felt fat, tired…I was uncomfortable and my clothes felt like they were shrinking. I wanted to change because I had been having pain in my knees and feet joints for several years and didn’t want to have surgery as the doctors were recommending….By 4 weeks into the Clean Up Challenge I…

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