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IMG_2877A total gym workout in the palm of your hand— Kettlebells deliver what's been called "low-tech/high-concept exercise." Performed properly, the specific exercises offer not only anaerobic conditioning but aerobic conditioning as well, helping you burn maximum fat in minimum time, creating a stronger, leaner you.

A simple yet challenging full-body workout, kettlebelling can also rehabilitate chronic back pain, increase flexibility, stabilize and strengthen core muscles.


Kettlebells—those cannon-balls with the little handles—have been around for a LONG time. They are said to have originated in czarist Russia.

The Soviet military used them to train their forces and still does to this day. Since the 1940s, kettlebells were seen in sports competitions throughout Europe and Russia. Sometime during the 1960s kettlebells made their way to the United States, but it wasn't until the late 90s that a special forces trainer from Minsk named Pavel Tsatsouline began making a ripple in the fitness world with the kettlebell, or girya, as they are called in Mother Russia.

Certification Matters

In 2001, Pavel, along with Dragon Door Publications, offered the first official kettlebell instructor certification program.


And that's where our certified kettebell instructors come in.

Michelle has been a certified by the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) and StongFirst (SFG). Elise Miller is a StongFirst Level 1 certified instructor. Both Michelle and Elise regularly attend classes and workshops with RKC and SFG trained instructors to hone their craft.

They have taught people all over the Main Line how to safely and effectively perform moves like the Swing, Clean, Snatch, Turkish Get-Up, Goblet Squat, Military Press, Farmer Carry and many more.

Michelle and Elise have witnessed clients transform their body composition and increase their strength, agility and endurance using nothing but a cannonball with a little handle.

Get Started!

Whether you are a working professional, stay-at-home parent, student, yogi, athlete, or retiree, if you want to transform your body and gain significant strength, pick up a kettlebell and learn how to use it. We can show you how. We offer ten-week sessions continuously. For first timers, we require that you do at least one Kettlebell Basics Class. Your first one is FREE.

To lose fat and gain muscle, sign up today.



Breakthrough Session

Let's have a chat about your goals and how we can help you achieve them and fall in love with fitness so you never have to start over again. Schedule your session today!

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