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Success Stories

Guissou D – Wynnewood, PA

Guissou Dabiri started with Performance Fitness in May 2014. By August she was ready to tackle nutrition. In September she went all in by challenging herself more at her training sessions and really focusing on her nutrition habits. Guissou described her experience this way: “Thank you for all you do. You run a great program…

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Dave Littell – Ardmore, PA

Pounds lost: 13 Inches Lost: 6.5 Percentage of Body Fat lost: 12% Total Pounds of FAT lost: 11! Not only did Dave lose a total of 13 pounds, but he reports that he’s more agile on the tennis court (hasn’t lost a set in two weeks) and has given up his Diet Coke habit.

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Chris Dorian, Merion, PA

2014 Fall Clean Up Nutrition Program Better Body, Better Life Winner, Chris Dorian! Chris has been a Performance Fitness boot camper for over three years. She’s always impressed me with her commitment to working out and her level of fitness, but during the latter part of 2014 she has shown significant gains in strength and…

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Eileen M., Havertown, PA

2014 Fall Clean Up Nutrition Program 1st Place Winner for Body Composition, Eileen M.! Pounds lost: 12.5 Inches Lost: 9.5 Percentage of Body Fat lost: 11% Total Pounds of FAT lost: 6! Here’s what Eileen had to say about her experience: “My challenge really began in August when I started attending boot camp…I had been…

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Miriam Kedebe, Merion, PA

“I’ve lost a total of 22 pounds from the end of April to the beginning of September. I’ve also increased my flexibility. The weight loss makes me feel great but a bigger bonus is the stress reduction from working out. I never thought that working out could reduce stress but it does! People are afraid…

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Roberta M., Havertown, PA

“8 weeks ago I felt fat, tired…I was uncomfortable and my clothes felt like they were shrinking. I wanted to change because I had been having pain in my knees and feet joints for several years and didn’t want to have surgery as the doctors were recommending….By 4 weeks into the Clean Up Challenge I…

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Joe Stern, Wynnewood, PA

Joe participated in our Clean Up Nutrition Program and was our winner for Most Percentage Change in Body Composition for a Male. Both he and his wife started with Personal Training at Performance Fitness, then later added Boot Camp and Kettlebells. By committing to a healthier lifestyle and fitness, Joe has trimmed down by 15…

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Rachel Stern, Wynnewood, PA

Since I started with Performance Fitness, I can do plank push-ups and band assisted pull-ups [Editor’s note: Rachel couldn’t do a single pull up, not even with the heaviest assistance band, when she first started working on pull ups]. I have a pre-existing shoulder condition, and I’m now able to use that shoulder without fear.…

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Kevin Kopp, Wynnewood, PA

I first met Michelle and Performance Fitness through the Saturday coed boot camps.  This was at the suggestion of my wife Alicia, a dedicated boot camper who had completely changed her body with boot camp. At first, I was skeptical. I have exercised or worked out most of my adult life, and had recently changed…

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