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Happy Clients

Alicia Kopp, Wynnewood, PA

18 months ago I wanted to get into shape and gain some energy. I happened to meet Michelle at a fundraiser and was drawn to her enthusiastic personality. I immediately signed up for a few “trial” personal training sessions not knowing at the time that I met the BEST Personal Trainer on the Main Line!…

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Robin Hartley, Havertown, PA

First off — let me say, I’m so glad I signed up for bootcamp! It got me off my butt and started on losing some serious weight that I’ve been lugging around for way too long. I used all the wonderful info gleaned from the handout, the grocery store visit and the boot camp sessions…

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Tara Smith, Philadelphia

What can I say – Michelle is AMAZING. After only 2 months of personal training, I lost 12 pounds and inches off of my hips, waist, thighs and stomach. I went from starting to buy size 12 to wearing a size 6/8. I’ve even started to wear a size 4. I didn’t have to buy…

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After taking Pilates, Kettlebells and Boot Camp classes through Michelle at Performance Fitness, I confidently hired her to be my personal trainer. After nine months of sessions, I am at that wonderful point in my health and well-being that I actually miss it when I can’t exercise! I was always someone who could come up…

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Pam Handfield, Lansdowne PA

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like to exercise. Early last year, I was at a point in my life that I knew (I was honest with myself) I had to do something about my weight. “ I received an e-mail from Michelle about an eight week fitness program called the Your…

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Liz Emery

After three babies my abs were not in the best shape, and I could never find a strength training or flexibility program that I liked. I started doing Pilates with Michelle two years ago, and she got my core working in ways that it hadn’t in a long time. The results of my work with…

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Michelle Bolesta, Havertown PA

Thanks to the awesome team at Performance Fitness I was able to do something I haven’t done in over 4 years…I fit myself into a size 4 skinny jeans!  And I not only do I fit them, I have no muffin top and I can sit down comfortably (ladies you know you have a pair of pants…

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Kyle Helton, Ardmore, PA

I’ve always said, “I can do it myself” when it came to getting in shape and staying in shape. I believed I knew what worked for me and I could get the results anytime I wanted to. That may have worked at one point, but in recent years, I’ve found myself 20 lbs over ideal…

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Marti Keegan, Philadelphia, PA

Boot Camp is the best thing I ever did to get myself in shape. I tried a variety of exercise programs, but this is the first program that has left me feeling energized after the first couple of weeks. I’ve toned my muscles, lost fat and lost a total of 7 inches. I can put…

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