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Keeping it Simple 101

There really aren’t that many “rules” when it comes to fat loss, building muscle, and living a fit and happy lifestyle. It’s basic math and common sense. You don’t need to go low-carb, gluten-free, eat two cups of kale and acai berries every day or increase your heart rate to its max rate during every…

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Your slow progress is a good thing

Top five reasons your slow progress is a good thing You’ve been at it for two weeks or longer—maybe a month, or even three. You’re not seeing the results you thought you’d have by now—the looser-fitting jeans, the lower number on the scale…You’re still huffing and puffing through every workout. Where’s the good news in…

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Moderation = Bull

Give it up—“Everything in Moderation” is NOT an Effective Weight Loss Method Are you trying to reach your fat loss goal by the maxim, “Everything in moderation?” If so, I’ll bet you a king-size Snickers bar you’ll still be struggling with the same 10, 20, or however-many pounds this time next year. The problem with…

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Are You Cheating Yourself?

Are You Cheating Yourself? —Elise Miller If you indulge in cheat meals, you might just be cheating yourself out of achieving your body composition goals. In fact, if I had my way, you’d have to fulfill certain criteria before you were permitted to use cheat meals as a diet tool. These criteria would include: Tracking…

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Top 5 Ways to Cut Calories

Top Five Calorie-Cutting Methods  – Elise A. Miller I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the best workout plan in the world will never make up for a crappy diet. You already know you’ll be way better off eating mostly real, whole foods and not packaged junk. If you want to change your body composition,…

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