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WOW! Super Core

The WOW, or Workout of the Week, is a short workout that you can do on your own as an add-on to your training. These workouts are designed to be mostly equipment free (so you can do them anywhere) and of medium to high intensity. Modify as needed depending on your fitness level and intensity…

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Protein bars and shakes – the low-down

  Making sure you eat enough protein can be tough, but did you ever wonder what makes one protein bar or shake a better choice over another? Performance Fitness LLC trainer, Elise Miller, lays out some guidelines to help you. If you’ve been following along here on the blog or caught the buzz about protein…

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Moderation = Bull

Elise Miller of Performance Fitness LLC dishes up some TOUGH LOVE, and it’s exactly what we (all) need to hear. Listen up! Give it up—“Everything in Moderation” is NOT an Effective Weight Loss Method Are you trying to reach your fat loss goal by the maxim, “Everything in moderation?” If so, I’ll bet you a…

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Are You Cheating Yourself?

Are You Cheating Yourself? —Elise Miller If you indulge in cheat meals, you might just be cheating yourself out of achieving your body composition goals. In fact, if I had my way, you’d have to fulfill certain criteria before you were permitted to use cheat meals as a diet tool. These criteria would include: Tracking…

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