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Michelle Collier

Michelle went from being picked last in gym class to owning Performance Fitness – a gym community focused on helping women and men build strength in the gym so they can be strong, capable, and confident outside the gym. She is certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Level I…

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Marti Keegan

Marti Keegan started working at Performance Fitness in 2011 as a behind-the-scenes administrative goddess. A regular boot camper since 2009, Marti liked the changes she was seeing in her fitness level and physique. She also developed a close camaraderie with her fellow campers and instructors and soon made it her goal to become a trainer.…

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Brett Radwill

Brett Radwill has been training individual clients and teaching group fitness classes for over a year. He’s certified by Body Intensity and says that knowing how prevalent obesity is today keeps him motivated to stay fit. Brett believes that clients must find what motivates them and believe in themselves in order to be healthy for…

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