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Michelle Collier

Performance Fitness owner and senior trainer Michelle Collier started exercising as part of her own weight loss program well over a decade ago. Through dedication and hard work, she transformed not only her body but her life, ultimately inspiring her to share her love of health and fitness with others. Her biggest motivators to stay fit and healthy, besides her rambunctious six-year old son, are her clients. And of course there’s that feeling of inner and outer strength she gets from working out.

A former opera singer, Michelle is certified as a personal trainer through ACE, a kettlebell instructor through RKC and SFG, with additional certifications from TRX, FMS and Classical Mat Pilates. Michelle is also a former amateur kickboxer who trained extensively in Bando, a Burmese martial art, and has more recently started to compete in the sport of Powerlifting.

Michelle’s attention to form and detail promise a safe, challenging workout that will supply you with energy, confidence, a positive spirit, and undeniably improve your physical appearance. Her humor and genuineness permeate every one of her sessions and classes, whether boot camp, personal training, kettlebells or TRX. She encourages her clients to eat clean 80-90% of the time, workout 4 t0 5 days per week, lift heavy for their individual fitness levels, and lead an active life.

In her (scant) spare time she enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, hanging out with her family and friends or doing anything active with her son, but then, that’s not technically “spare” time.

Questions for Michelle:

  1. If you could only do one movement/exercise/lift what would it be? Oh, can I pick 2? Barbell Deadlifts and Kettlebell swings.
  2. Top 3-5 songs on your workout playlist:
    • “Nasty Girl” by Nitty
    • “B.Y.O.B.” by System of a Down
    • “Can I Have it Like That?” (Instrumental) by Pharrell
    • “Here I Come” by The Roots
    • Any song by Rage Against the Machine (I think I may have anger issues). Also, any song I can dance to, because I believe in active recovery dance breaks.
  3. Favorite post workout meal: Sweet potato hash with a poached egg on top (YUM!)
  4. Favorite quote: OK, I have two: “Be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi) and “Eat your elephant one bite at a time”
  5. Favorite book: The Joy Luck Club
  6. Bacon or ice cream? I’m a salty-sweet girl so I’ve gotta say bacon flavored ice cream.*

(*Editor’s note—Sounds good to us!)